AASA Educator Professional Development Program Launched in Beijing – December, 2015

AASA2AASA has launched a new cultural exchange program that allows members to build professional relationships with education organizations and schools in China. AASA, The School Superintendents Association, launched this initiative to provide members with an opportunity to get a first-hand look at education excellence beyond the borders of the United States. Educator Training, the first of the series, was held in Beijing in December, 2015, in partnership with Beijing Education Institute and Triway International Group.



Dr. N. Tracy Crowe, Ed.D.
– Superintendent of Schools
Ms. Eileen Belastock
– Prouty High School Principal/Mathematics
Mr. John Thoma, M.Ed.
– Knox Trail Middle School Principal/STEM
Mr. Theodore Bassett, M. Ed.
– Athletic Director/Physical Education