AASA Delegation Visits to Beijing Shunyi Niulanshan No.1 Secondary School

AASA “Discover China” program delegation visited Beijing Shunyi Niulanshan No.1 Secondary School on the morning of July 12, 2017. Deputy director of Shunyi District Education Commission of Beijing and former principal of Niulanshan No.1 Secondary School Juntang Zhang, and principal of Niulanshan No.1 Secondary School Huali Zhang accommodated the group.

After a short introduction of the two parties, superintendent Donna W. Lewis introduced the Creighton School District. Then Deputy director Zhang described the education resources in Shunyi district, which has 48 elementary, 19 middle, 6 high and 3 international schools of K-12 education, and 4 universities for higher education. Principal of the Elementary School Attached to Niulanshan No.1 Secondary School Ms. Yuhe Yao introduced her school and its cooperation with quality elementary schools from New Zealand. She particularly mentioned the “Micro Study Tours” program. Participants are 6-grade elementary school students, and they will receive certificates from both Niulanshan and its partner school in New Zealand after they finish the program.

Deputy director Zhang and Director of International Department of Niulanshan No.1 Secondary School Ms. Hui Li raised questions about how the US integrates parents and communities into its K-12 education, and why the American communities are willing to accept students with no professional backgrounds to do social practice. Members from AASA explained from different perspectives, such as education system, parent-teacher association, parent meeting, connections between K-12 education school and universities, etc. Deputy director Zhang also asked about the toughest issue/situation that the American educators have ever experienced. AASA delegates mentioned that the lack of funds and the balance between achieving state requirements and developing students interest courses were really difficult. Deputy director Zhang said that China is facing the same issues as the US, and hoped that China and the US can work together to solve those problems.

After the discussion session, students from the Voiceless Chorus performed Chinese ancient music “Yu Zhi Shui” to the delegates. At last, everyone took group photos in front of Yuansheng Temple, an ancient architecture in Niulanshan No.1 Secondary School.

—-Reported by Nan Xu from Triway International Group Beijing Office on July 12th


Self-introductions from the two parties


Exchanges of educational experience


Group photo in front of Yuansheng Temple


Performance by students from Voiceless Chorus


AASA delegates visit the school’s swimming pool.


AASA delegates visit the school’s badminton court.


AASA delegates visit the school’s table tennis court.