AASA Delegation Visits to BIE

July 11th, 2017, the “Discover China” program delegation visited BIE. Director Zhenxian Wang and deputy director Li Cao of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, vice dean of Education Management and Psychology School Yu Meng, vice dean of Mathematics and Science Education School Qinzhong Wang, and other leaders and educators from the institute accommodated the group.

Regarding STEM education and training, mathematics and scientific education department just established STEM Education Research Center, and Ms. Ying Zhou is the director. Ms. Zhou mentioned that there are many institutions providing STEM training programs in China, but the market is disordered and with no unified standard. Therefore, BIE hopes to launch STEM training programs in the institute, setting up unified courses and standards for teacher training. Ms. Zhou also expressed that BIE was looking forward to strengthening the cooperation with AASA for it has abundant resources and mature experience in STEM training. The two parties also exchanged ideas on topics such as teacher and principal training standards, the procedure of becoming a teacher, national and local curriculum standards, sending Chinese teachers abroad, teacher exchanges, etc. Deputy director Cao stated that BIE would host 2017 Sino-Finnish Education Summit with Finnish Education Institutions, and hoped to host Sino-US Education Summit with AASA as well. Director Wang and Mr. Woodruff discussed about future programs that they could cooperate. These programs include teacher and principal trainings, student exchanges, AASA educators teaching in Beijing, cooperation of curriculum research, and STEM training.

At last, Mr. Woodruff delivered a thank you speech to BIE. The members of both sides took group photos and exchanged gifts before the end of this delightful visit.

—-Reported by Jing Zhang from Triway International Group Beijing Office on July 11th

Meeting between AASA and BIE leaders


Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges Zhenxian Wang introduces BIE.


Superintendent Donna Lewis from Creighton School District, Phoenix introduces her School District.


Superintendent Cynthia Clary from Salt River Schools in Scottsdale, Arizona introduces her School District.


President of Triway International Group China Office Chun He introduces their cooperation with BIE.


Superintendents Janet Fike (left) from Montclair State University and Caldwell University, Tom Edington (center) from Wawasee Community School Corporation, and Chris Metras (right) from Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine School District are communicating with leaders of BIE.


Group photo