AASA Delegation Visits to Jinhu Board of Education

Led by AASA’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Charles Woodruff, delegation of American superintendents visited Jinhu County on July 17, 2017. Secretary general assistant of Jiangsu Education Association for International Exchange (JEAIE) Zhengguang Yan and subprefect of Jinhu County Changping Gao accommodated the group.

Ms. Gao briefly introduced Jinhu County to the guests. After that, she expressed her wishes to strengthen the connections and understanding between Jinhu and American K-12 education institutions, carrying out visits and exchanges between sister schools, and sharing advanced education philosophy and work experience through this opportunity.

Mr. Woodruff then introduced AASA. He said that recent years have witnessed rapid accelerations of the globalization of education and the in-depth cultural and education exchanges between China and the US. Against this background AASA and Triway have initiated a series of cross culture education programs under careful planning, consultation and cooperation. The mission of the programs is to promote and strengthen AASA member schools, and the interactions of educators, superintendents, schools and institutions between China and the US. Therefore, both sides can have the opportunities to understand each other’s educational pattern and characteristics, learning from each other, expanding their horizons, encouraging innovation and developing together.

At the welcome ceremony, the two parties exchanged gifts and took group photos. Afterwards, the delegates visited Jinhu Middle School together and then separated into different groups to go to 8 different schools in Jinhu County. The separated groups listened introductions and signed sister school agreements with the schools they visited, laying cornerstones to further strengthen inter-school exchanges and cooperation.



US Representatives Chinese Representatives


Palisades School District

Jinhu Middle School

2 Creighton School District

Jiangsu Jinhu Secondary Vocational School


Salt River Schools in Scottsdale

Almira School District

Jinhu Experimental Junior High School


Palisades School District

Jinhu Experimental Elementary School

5 Morris-Union Jointure Commission

Jinhu Wa Elementary School of Art


Wawasee Community School Corporation

Chengnan Experimental Elementary School of Jinhu County

7 Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine School District Jin Hu Experimental Kindergarten
8 School District of Elmwood Kindergarten of Governmental Agency in Jinhu County

—-Reported by Peng Li from Triway International Group Nanjing Office on July 25th

Meeting between AASA delegation and Jinhu Board of Education.


Secretary general assistant of JEAIE Zhengguang Yan gives a speech.


Subprefect Changping Gao (left front) briefly introduces Jinhu County.


Superintendent Michael W. Donnelly from Palisades School District signs the sister school agreement with Jinhu Middle School.


Superintendent Janet L. Fike from the Morris-Union Jointure Commission signs the sister school agreement with Jinhu Wa Elementary School of Art.


Group photo