AASA Delegation Visits to No.2 Experimental Elementary School of Jinshan

In order to further strengthen international exchanges with the K-12 education sector in Shanghai, the “Discover China” program (jointly launched and funded by AASA and Triway International Group) delegation visited No.2 Experimental Elementary School of Jinshan, Shanghai on July 14th, 2017. Vice President Hong Zhang and other teachers welcomed the guests, and accompanied the group to visit the school.

No.2 Experimental Elementary School of Jinshan presented classes with rich traditional Chinese culture to the AASA delegates. With the assistance of the students, the group learned how to make tie-dyed silk scarves, Peking Opera dolls, Peking Opera masks and Chinese fan painting, Peking Opera costumes, paper engraving, and calligraphy. Afterwards, they visited the school’s electronic innovation laboratory, STEM center and school library. AASA members showed their great interests in the distinctiveness of Chinese culture and actively participated in the class. The delegates also highly praised the school integrating traditional culture into K-12 education.

In the discussion session, the two parties exchanged their ideas and thoughts on school curriculum and teaching. Superintendent Paul E. Blanford from Elmwood School District introduced the education status and Elmwood Elementary School of his school district. Based on his introduction, Elmwood Elementary School accepts many foreign exchange students every year and provides multilingual learning programs to its students. The school also hopes to establish friendly relationships with Chinese schools. After a warm discussion between them, Vice President Hong Zhang on behalf of No.2 Experimental Elementary School of Jinshan and Superintendent Paul E. Blanford on behalf of Elmwood Elementary School officially established their sister schools’ relationship and signed an agreement. In the future, the two schools will share their advanced education concepts and teaching experience, actively carrying out friendly exchange visit, enhancing teachers’ professional abilities, and improving international cultural exchanges.

—-Reported by Peng Li from Triway International Group Nanjing Office on July 25th

Vice President Hong Zhang (right) welcomes AASA’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Charles Woodruff (left).


AASA delegates make tie-dyed silk scarves.


Superintendent Paul Blanford (third from the left) is very satisfied with his work.


Mr. Charles Woodruff (right front) says that he can paint Xiahou Dun’s face on the circular fan well by himself.


Superintendents Paul Blanford (left) and Donna Lewis (right) experiences wearing Peking Opera masks.


Mr. Charles Woodruff’s (second from the right) calligraphy, wrote “Fu” character for the first time. He can get a score of 80.


Delegation visits the school’s electronic innovation laboratory.


Vice President Hong Zhang and Superintendent Paul Blanford sign the agreement.

Group photo