AASA Delegation Visits to Yuhuatai Senior High School

In order to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation of the STEM curriculum education between China and the US, the “Discover China” (jointly launched and funded by AASA and Triway International Group) Sino-US K-12 education exchange delegation visited Yuhuatai Senior High School (Yuhuatai), Nanjing on July 18th, 2017. President Gengsen Mu and other school leaders and teachers accommodated the group.

Because Yuhuatai was also hosting another event called “Sino-European Youth Ambassadors Cultural Tour” at the same time, AASA delegates were able to observe Chinese and European students together taking a Chinese traditional culture class (calligraphy, ink painting, folk instrument performance, Chinese martial arts, and Chinese silk robe) during their visit. Afterwards, President Mu welcomed everyone and introduced that Yuhuatai always values the internationalization of education. Based on his description, the school has established friendly relationships with many international schools from the UK, the US, Germany, Australia, Singapore, etc. Every year, Yuhuatai’s international department sends hundreds of students to study abroad, including a lot of famous universities in the world. Yuhuatai also holds the “Sino-European Youth Ambassadors Cultural Tour” event every year. Through communicating, both Chinese and European students can increase their mutual understanding of each other’s education patterns, habits, and value standards.

Superintendent Donna W. Lewis from Creighton School District said that after observing Yuhuatai’s exchange event with European countries, she was surprised by the rapid development of China’s international education, and had new cognition of Chinese education. She stated that she was very impressed by the similarities between China and the US, and looked forward to a closer cooperation between the two countries in terms of educational exchanges and student training.

Through this visit, both China and the US educators showed their persistent pursuit of quality education. They reached agreements of developing deeper and wider cooperation of student/cultural exchanges between the two countries, and hoped to work together to increase their teaching qualities.

—-Reported by Peng Li from Triway International Group Nanjing Office on July 25th

Yuhuatai Senior High School welcomes AASA delegation.


AASA group visits calligraphy class of “2017 Sino-European Youth Ambassadors Cultural Tour”.


AASA COO Mr. Woodruff (second from the left) and Business/Cultural Exchange Specialist Ms. Gao (leftmost) introduces “Discover China” program to president Gengsen Mu (second from the right).


Discussion session


Group photo