International Exchanges

With dedicated teams in the United States and in China that are mostly bilingual and have strong cross cultural communication skills and experience, Triway has been active in facilitating various exchanges between the United States and China, mainly in the fields of talent exchanges and business and culture exchanges.

Talent Exchanges

China’s rapid economic development has prompted increasing international exchanges in many technical fields, and we have been playing an active role in facilitating the exchanges. Over the years we have introduced American experts from various fields to present lectures and provide consulting services in China, at the request of our clients.

A2-3-1Expert3-tianjinIn October, 2015, Triway inivted four experts from universities, hospital and bio-tech compay in the United States to Tianjin, China to speak at an international symposium on γδ T cells.


In recent years, more and more youngsters come to the United States from China to pursue higher education studies, and at the same time, China’s economic growth has been providing substantial career development opportunities. Entrusted by government agencies, universities, research institutions, and enterprises in China, Triway has organized several dozens of talent recruitment events in the United States and helped many Chinese professionals and students find employment opportunities in China.


2009 Financial Talent Recruitment Fair sponsored by Triway and major financial institutions from Shanghai

Triway’s talent exchange services also include helping Chinese government agencies and enterprises invite experts from the United States to go to China to present lectures and provide consulting services on short term basis.

Business & Culture Exchanges

Since the founding of the company, Triway has been actively participating in and promoting the business and culture exchanges between the United States and China. We organized, co-sponsored, or participated in many business seminars, networking events, art shows and performances.

Networking-China-picNetworking with China – series of seminars and networking events co-sponsored by Triway and Washington Board of Trade. Keynote speakers include the Chinese Ambassador and the Mayor of Washington.





Dialogues between private business leaders from China and U.S. trade officials – Seminar at the National Press Club, an event co-sponsored by the Global Business Dialogue and Triway in 2008, featuring Alan Holmer, Special Envoy for China and the Strategic Economic Dialogue, as keynote speaker.


tw13084- In 2013, Shanghai (Yangpu District) High School Traditional Orchestra hosted by Triway performed at the Millennium Stage of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.