Featured Programs

Featured Programs

Triway is dedicated to providing exllent and pratical training programs in various fields. To meet the needs of growing number of clients in some specific sectors, Triway has designed featured programs in the fields of English language education and medical education. Triway is working on the teaching English abroad program, aiming at recommending English teachers to Chinese K-12 schools and educational organizations to promote English teaching in China. Triway also provides observer-ship program for doctors and nurses, aiming at providing observer-ship opportunities for Chinese doctors and nurses, to improve both their technology and management abilities.

Teaching English Abroad

With the development of education in China, the demand for English teachers is also increasing rapidly. Triway International Group has been working on English teacher recommendation for Chinese educational institutions to improve their English teaching quality since 2008. During these years, we have already recommended many qualified teachers for K-12 schools and universities in China. We have a strict personnel selection system and mainly focus on recommending teachers who have strong communication skills to those educational institutions. Through this program, teachers will provide student-centered English instruction in an effort to improve English ability amongst students. Most importantly, English teachers could help students understand the true culture behind the language and build an important bridge for educational exchange between China and U.S.

Observer-ship Program

Nowadays, it’s crucial for professionals like doctors and nurses to improve both technical skills and management abilities. Triway has been providing observer-ship opportunities for Chinese doctors and nurses in American hospitals since 2013. Observers can have the platform to learn about American sophisticated medical system: observe clinics, different hospital departments, operating rooms, etc.; participate in expert consultations and academic seminars. During the observer-ship, there will be an American doctor as a mentor, to explain American clinical pathway, hospital department system, procedure of diagnosis patients, and newest medical techniques and research products. The observer-ship is quite flexible, lasts from 2 months to 1 year. It can be decided by the observers based on their work arrangements in China. Triway’s observer-ship program aims at providing supports towards medical service development in China, and opportunities of probable strategic corporation on medical service of China and the United States.