K-12 Education

China and United States each has unique yet complementing K-12 education systems, and this has drawn increasing attentions from experts, researchers, schools, and parents. Cross-cultural education has become an important component in early childhood and K-12 education and a focus of Triway’s international education services. Triway has successfully launched programs on early childhood education, teaching techniques, creative STEM classes, selection of school management team, and education leadership. These programs have received applause from education professionals as well as students. To expand our resources in this field, we have recently formed strategic partnership with The School Superintendents Association (AASA).

China-US Educator Professional Training Program co-sponsored by AASA, Beijing Institute of Education and Triway was launched in Beijing in December of 2015.


 Training Programs for Leadership in K-12 Education

This 14 or 21-day program is designed for principals, education administrators, and relevant professionals. Core courses include introduction to K-12 system, comparative study of elementary/middle school management and student administration, leadership, curriculum development, employment of teaching materials and techniques, performance evaluation, creative thinking, and future trend. Trainees will attend lectures in universities, visit elementary/middle schools, and discuss with teaching and management professionals. The major purpose of the program is to enhance participants’ leadership, decision-making capability, and execution practice through a comprehensive comparative study of the fundamental education management systems in China and United States. Since 2010, Triway has provided quality high-level trainings for hundreds of Chinese education professionals from various cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Hainan.