Postsecondary Education

Postsecondary education program is the starting point of Triway’s cross-cultural education series. During the past 10 years, we have served professionals from majority of 211, 985 tier and other higher educational institutions. Through the programs, our trainees furthered their understanding on leadership, bilingual education, teaching team management, business school administration, academic integrity, and school governance. We are proud to see that our trainees are impacting every essential link of the higher education in China with their acquired knowledge and experiences, and that their exchanges with the American counterparts have also triggered much interest among them in the Chinese education system.

Leadership Training for Higher Education Professionals

This 21 or 45-day program is designed for head of department, president or vice president of schools, and other management professionals at higher education institutions. Major subjects include introduction to the modern higher education system, strategic planning in US higher education institutions, fund raising, financial management, working ethics, academic integrity, structure of teaching team, selection  and evaluation of teachers, curriculum design, admission process, board management, school operation and governance, leadership, and quality control. Trainees will attend lectures in well-recognized public and private universities, visit major public and private institutions (include Ivy League colleges), and meet with government agencies and non-government organizations involved in educational administration and evaluation. Trainees will also have the opportunity to have in-depth discussion with their US peers and counterparts. Through these activities, we help trainees to gain overall understanding about the higher education system and school management practices in the United States. Since 2009, we have provided acclaimed high quality programs for hundreds of professional from Chinese higher education institutions.

Trainings for Teachers (Bilingual Education and More)

This 90-day training program is designed for teachers engaged in bilingual education in higher educational institutions. Major training subjects include introduction to US higher education system, core values and philosophy in higher education, teaching methodology and classroom techniques employed in English literature classes, educational management, multi-media teaching, and application of high technologies. In addition to lectures, trainees will sit in actual English classes in universities and attend field trips. We also build in sessions aiming to improve trainees’ English speech techniques, expression competence, and language adaptability. Lectures will be tailored to the academic background of trainees and involves extensive case study. Seasons teaching professionals from US universities will become the tutor and lead trainees through discussion and open class. Trainees will be divided into small groups based on academic background and audit classes. This program provides an excellent opportunity for participants to get not only the real experience of US-style classroom teaching, but also in-depth understanding  of teaching methods and techniques, interaction between teachers and students, and differences in the higher education practices in China and United States.