Study Abroad

With the aim of providing quality guidance to students who intend to study abroad, Triway offers assistance and help in application for admission, transfer, visiting/non-degree student application, and other services.

Application for Admission

Triway International Group provides information and advice to Chinese students who plan to apply for admission to American high schools, colleges and universities. Based on the qualifications of applicants, we would collect information about admission requirements and make recommendation to the applicants. We also help recruit students on behalf of some schools.

Transfer to the American High Schools, Colleges or Universities

In recent years, more and more Chinese students are considering to study in the United States through transfer application. Drawing upon the American education resources we have accumulated during the past twenty years, provide a series of services for students who plan to transfer colleges for either a new major or a school that better fits their plan. Two-year college students may also want to finish their degree at a four-year college or university.

Visiting/Non-degree Students

In addition to apply for degree programs or transfer to American schools, some Chinese students can also study in the United States for one semester or one academic year through visiting/non-degree programs. Such international education experience will not only be a highlight for the student’s current academic and professional development, but will also be useful when they apply for American advanced degree programs in the future.

In recent years, the Triway International Group has signed cooperative agreements with several American high schools, colleges, and universities. Until now, with the help of Triway, hundreds of students have successfully got admitted by top American universities including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California – Los Angeles, and University of California – Santa Barbara.