China Visa Serivces

Triway handles the entire visa application process for all applicants. We will work with you on procedures and forms for the visa application, and will also deliver your visa to you if desired. You may mail your passport, together with one passport photo and the completed and signed V2013 Form and other required documents to us, or bring them to our office. Please enclose the check in the amount specified, payable to Triway International Group.

Regions we serve: Washington DC, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming
For general questions about Chinese visa, please visit the official website of the Chinese Embassy: Visa Section
We provide excellent services at low prices. Special group rates are available.


Regular Visa Fee: (5-9 business days)
USA Passport: $140/Person (Single/Double/Multiple Entry)
Canada Passport: $30/person/ Single Entry; $45/person/Double Entries; $90/person/Multiple
Other Passport: $30/person/ Single Entry; $45/person/Double Entries;

Express Visa Fee: (2-3 business days)
Regular Visa fee PLUS $20 for each Passport

Service Fee:
$55/person for regular service, $85 for express service
Group rate $35/person (10 and more), express service add$85/ group

Fedex shipping fee:
Two days $30; Overnight $60

Contact: Mr. Fei Xia, Mr. Michael Wu
Mailing Address:
Triway International Group
7115 Leesburg Pike Suite 202
Falls Church, VA 22043
Tel: 703-854-1000